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Michael Chebatoris, Director of Finance

Michael has led a distinguished 18-year career gaining insights to understanding the strategic direction and operational needs of the business and how he can leverage his finance and accounting knowledge to optimize results. Michael prides himself on playing with numbers in Excel! Michael is currently President at Flagship Consulting Services.

Michael worked in the oil and gas industry for a six-years in the Denver and Houston area. During this time he served many roles working with operations managers, field engineers and administrative staff. Michael really enjoyed working with the engineers to better understand the technology behind the extraction of hydrocarbons from the earth. This gave Michael a better appreciation for the work the field does and allowed him to tell “the story behind the numbers” to upper management in the monthly results calls.

After leaving oil and gas industry, Michael pivoted to the telecommunications industry, working for the Vodafone US holding company based in Denver. At Vodafone, Michael specialized in excel modeling, process development and special projects, including a month-long assignment in Rotterdam, Holland. Michael designed and created cash a flow model which planed for different scenarios based on set criteria. This model was nimble, creating multiple scenarios in minutes.

Prior to joining oil and gas industry, Michael worked in public accounting in the Denver area while obtaining his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license.

Michael is an avid in-bounds and back-country skier, ultimate frisbee player, backpacker, whitewater stand-up paddle boarder, and marathon runner; truly work hard – play hard!